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This style originated in the disco scene in Los Angeles in the 70’s. Hugely popularized by Soul Train, it’s a style of dance using intricate arm movements to the music. This class focuses on both technique and freedom of movement. In the first part of the class, students will learn correct technique through process of drills, later moving on to either combinations and routines or introduction of freestyle and performance. Musicality is taught throughout and student are also given knowledge about the origins of the dance. This class is suitable for over 10’s and for all levels.

Thursdays 7.30-8.30pm


TERM: 8 weeks
Commencing: Thursday 7th September
Cost: €100

Bookings / requirements:
Pre booking is always recommended. Trial classes are also an option for new comers. Please contact us for further info or to reserve your place.

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Back Street Dance is an award-winning performing arts academy based in Swords, Co. Dublin.

We provide classes for adults and kids of all ages, ranging from Break Dance & Hip Hop to Musical Theatre, Ballet, Voice Training & Commercial.

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